From the Founders

We love music.  We’ve been around music our entire lives, and simply want to see students enjoy it as much as we do. That’s why we started Allemande Music Academy.  Our teachers don’t just love music, they love teaching, too.  And that combo makes for the best possible music lesson you could ever imagine. 
~Adam & Anna Bendorf, founders


What We Do

We are a network of music teachers.  Just find an instrument you want to learn, fill out our Take Lessons form, and we will recommend a great teacher to you.  Our teachers are established professionals who are musically involved their local areas. They carry our vision to combine great musicianship with great teaching. Most of our instructors will teach lessons in your home, some teach in a studio, and some even teach via FaceTime.


Our teachers have a variety of experience and credentials, and live in various places. As such, we think its best for teachers to set their own prices.  When you request lessons, we will send you pricing for teachers in your area. 


We handle the billing so our teachers are free to do what they do best: teach! We email monthly invoices; you may pay online with debit or credit using our secure Intuit payment system. We also accept cash and checks. 

Why Classical?

We live in a culture that seeks the newest entertainment, latest bands, and hottest new pop artist. So how is classical music pertinent today?

Classical music transcends all times, peoples, and cultures.  It represents the most complex thoughts, the most extreme musical genius, and conveys the innermost passions by the mere transmittance of sound.  Classical music narrates the riveting story of world history, displays music theory's fascinating evolution, and offers a penetrating look into triumphant and tragic individual lives of its greatest contributors, the composers. Far from being a thing of the past, classical music continues today with the blending of Asian, African, Middle Eastern, and European, and American idioms. Yet, the ever-changing triangle of composer, performer, and audience holds steady with its feet firmly grounded in tradition.  So, while society will always look to the popular artists of the day for entertainment, it is the classical arts that create the strong backbone from which pop, rock, and jazz derive their strength.