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Kyle Graham | Guitar

Santa Clarita, CA | Studio, In-Home

Kyle Graham is a skilled guitarist and instructor with a passion to help people grow in the understanding and love of the art of music. Kyle’s musical journey began in Junior High when he first picked up a guitar and fell in love with Jazz and Rock. His pursuit of musical excellence directed him to The Master’s University where he pursued a degree in Classical Music Theory and Composition. After graduating with his Bachelor of Music degree in 2015, Kyle further studied composition with film composer Grant Fonda, as well as classical guitar with prominent guitarist Tavi Jinariu. Kyle then went on to perform with Jazz, Rock, Classical, and Country groups in the Los Angeles area that opened for artists such as, CTA, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, The Spinners, and more.

Music has been a means for Kyle to travel to places such as New York, Israel, France, Switzerland, Albania, and Croatia, performing in places such as Carnegie Hall and Disney Concert Hall. Kyle has been teaching since his senior year of college and he thoroughly enjoys helping his students grow both in their skill and in their love of music. Kyle currently teaches and performs full-time and offers lessons in Guitar, Mandolin, and Ukulele.

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Norman Molina | Guitar

Santa Clarita, CA | Studio, In-Home

A native of El Salvador, picked up the classical guitar at 8 years old, and started developing a passion for technical proficiency and jamming out. After migrating to the U.S at age 12, he continued his love for guitar by jumping into different styles of music such as Latin, Bossa-nova, Gypsy jazz, and Rock. After hearing John Petrucci’s incredible guitar skills in Dream Theater’s album Train of Thought he decided to buy his first electric guitar. 

In 2014 Norman enrolled in The Master’s University Music School where he is currently finishing his degree in Guitar Performance and Biblical Studies. It is here that he continues to refine his skills under the teaching of Tavi Jinariu, renowned classical guitarist from Romania. 

In addition, he has been the worship music leader for many local churches around Los Angeles. As of 2017 he holds a worship pastoring internship at Grace Baptist Church in Valencia. He has also recorded for a variety of music projects including all the guitar tracks for local artist Daniel Morales’ Never Waste A Moment EP.  Norman's other music work includes SGM, Northbound Productions, and Pacific Stories Films.

Norman will finish his degree at TMU in 2018, and will continue to learn, to teach, and to involve himself in the wonderful world of guitar music. Stay tuned! More shredding to come! 

In his downtime Norman enjoys learning about coffee, cooking Mexican food, and working on his car.

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Kennth Wright | Guitar

Santa Clarita, CA | Studio, In-Home

Kenneth Wright’s accomplishments as a guitarist include; studying classical and flamenco style guitar, since the age of thirteen, learning other styles of guitar such as, Blues and Folk, since the age of nine; and a degree as a Bachelor of Arts in Music at The Masters University. Kenneth has also studied underneath Cindy Lee Berryhill, wife and partner of Paul S. Williams and Dale Dawalt, a master technician in orchestral string, guitar repair, and owner of San Diego Music Exchange, who is an accomplished musician, and member of Zaxas; Kenneth is also an apprentice of Robert Szajkowski, who studied underneath Pepe Romero; he has also studied with Tavi Jinariu, who was a student of Christopher Parkening.

Kenneth has had the opportunity of performing guitar in various venues, including; restaurants, busking (professional street performing), local coffee shops, wedding receptions, veteran receptions, graduation ceremonies, The Master’s University, and Carnegie Hall NY. Kenneth uses his full degree in Music and Biblical Studies, by leading Worship and playing, as a regular band member, guitar, bass, and vocals, at various churches. Additionally, he exercises his training and experience through music discipleship.

Performing is a blessing that encourages, inspires and delights listeners through the beauty of music--a language that can often times speak in ways our words and thoughts cannot. It is this love of the power of music that has given Kenneth a passion for teaching others how to connect with music. Teaching creates immense joy by guiding students in completing their goals, developing growth in their skills of both guitar and music theory. Kenneth is motivated to inspire passion, growth, joy, and excellence for all of his students, no matter their skill level or experience. Kenneth’s aspiration is to teach to the best of his abilities and to the highest standard. His goal is for the student to learn guitar technique, reading music, understanding music theory, and applying their skills to succeed in playing guitar and music theory. The genres Kenneth especially enjoys teaching his students; range from classical, flamenco style, fusion, finger picking styles, rhythmic styles and worship (contemporary to hymns). Kenneth enjoys the challenge of learning new repertoire’s himself, in order to teach students a skill that Kenneth is not currently proficient in. It is truly an honor for Kenneth that he gets to serve others musically.